Don’t Be A Number

Save yourself, Save your project, Save your team, Save your client, Save your company. Continue Reading →

SEE Something, SAY Something, SAVE Someone

Everyone has been involved in a safety issue at one time or another at work or on a project. How many times was the issue due to an accident? How many violations were revealed during an OSHA inspection? What about your company’s internal safety audit, what did it find? Did you see someone else at fault or maybe yourself at fault? Is a fellow worker in danger? What is the one thing in common in all of these questions? PEOPLE. Continue Reading →

Why Do You Work Safely?

Think about your daily responsibilities and the people who are counting on you to come home safely. Working safe is a very small price to pay for being able to improve and maintain your lifestyle. There is no job that is worth the risk of injury. Continue Reading →

Complacency in the Workplace: Don’t be a Zombie

Complacency can be defined as self-satisfaction, often combined with a lack of awareness of hazards. Complacency is extremely hazardous in the workplace. We get so used to things being done the same way that we do not always look at the hazards that may surround us. We also may underestimate the risk of tasks that we perform regularly, or fail to notice a change in our environment when we become complacent in our daily routines. Continue Reading →

Remove Those Blinders: Improve Your Situational Awareness

Situational awareness is being aware of what is happening around you in terms of where you are, where you are supposed to be, and whether anyone or anything around you is a threat to your health and safety. Continue Reading →

Are You Too Hot To Work Outdoors?

Outdoor workers can be exposed to hot and humid conditions and are at risk of special hazards. Employers and employees should know the potential hazards in their workplaces and how to manage them. Continue Reading →